Friday, August 24, 2012

Ernest Hemingway said it best...

     "All first drafts are shit."

     Day 2 of the blahhhg, with a big coffee in hand. I hope you won't find it bromidic. :)

     So, what's the usual reason anyone starts a blog? Well, I'm told 'those with a life' submit daily journals of their busyness. But I can't speak with expertise, because I think I've glanced through 1-2 blogs in my whole life. It's like the old saying: "Everything I needed to know, I learned on Facebook." ;)

     All the more reason for me to be far more proactive about reading others blogs. And I can't think of better blogs to start with than my favorite novelists, and various writers for whom I greatly support. My bestie, Mai, would say that's so me. (Shout out to her daughter, Tanya, the journalism major, who made such an impression on her new boss recently, that he gifted her a bottle of Jack Daniels! You go, girl!)

     Yes, blogs have become the curriculum vitae of the writer. The more 'well-known' have written about their experiences on book-tours. (I should be so lucky!) My bestie's fave author takes pictures of his book-reading audience, and posts it on his blog. It can be a self-esteem booster on those days you find a 'hate' review of your latest novel by the N.Y. Times, I suppose. :)

     So, for those who don't know me, this was my segue into revealing that, like author Helene Hanff, I'm a "poor writer." And, as we live in an age where readers and writers pull apart each word-meaning, I don't mean I'm a lousy writer, I mean I'm a broke writer. Ha, ha, thought ya got me there, didn't you? : D

     Anyway, yes, I'm a writer. An unpublished one at that, though I came super-close, once. But I couldn't manage to sway enough votes for my poetry submission while attending a publishing class, that just also happened to put out my college's lit magazines. Eh...c'est la vie. 

     But I don't let rejection get me down. Greater writers get rejected all the time. Did you know that author Kathryn Stockett received sixty rejections for her novel, The Help? We're discovering more and more that the publishing business isn't an exact science. Even Stephenie Meyer received rejections. (It makes me guffaw to think how no publishing house will ever admit they turned down Twilight. Wow!)

     I have written poetry, but in the act of disclosure, it was only ever for a poetry class. And, here's where I will have the stones to name-drop; Robert 'Rabbie' Burns is my sixth-great uncle. (I know, right?) Though, if he was able to read my feeble attempt to wax poetic, it would've only driven him harder to the bottle. : D

     However, as my numerous other writing venues, classes, and writing instructors have assured me, I seem to have a knack for creative fiction-writing. That's my forte--I like to make shit up. ;)  And, for the last three-and-a-half years, I've been working on a manuscript that I was almost sure was finished a long time ago. I was wrong. Any literary agent, editor, or publisher worth their stuff would say, "Not enough conflict." And they'd be right. Also, it desperately needs a better climax. : p

     So, when I'm not already going through the motions of job-searching, attending book-readings, or reading local authors while stuffing my face with dry cereal straight out of the box, I'm steadily working on my manuscript. And I've done exactly what the experts always suggest: I've written what I know; the thoughts and feelings that ping-pong around inside a person when they're attending a new school, in a new place they've never been before.

     That said, I have to get off my fat blog (see what I did there?!) and go read and absorb other authors blog-spaces. One thing's for sure--it'll clue me into whether you fell into that state of ennui, after all, while gracing my blog-space with your time. (Shameful ass-kissing, I know)

     Below is your deserved Zen moment of "Awwwwww!"

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