Saturday, September 1, 2012

Closeted 'Fifty Shades' Gemini

     I won't be at a computer again til Tuesday, (see what I did there?) so maybe I can devour another book by the time I get back from Nampa. (I'm almost fini with the Chelsea Cain, and I need to run out and get the fourth in her 'Archie/Gretchen' series!)

     I couldn't sleep much, so I chose to see what humor I might possess at 3:05a., with my skulls-n-crossbones coffee mug steaming beside me.

     On the manuscript, I've recently added scenes that should've been there a long time ago. You know the saying: "Sex sells." So that's what I added. Not 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' sex, but still just as lengthy. (Y'all are awake now, ain'tcha??)

     Did I mention I'm a Gemini? I won't speak for all Geminis, but some of us get distracted easily. I won't attribute it A.D.D., (or A.D.H.D, or whatever) even though I'd been diagnosed with it at five y/o. Yah, I was on Ritalin, too, just like everyone else...see what I mean about distracted?? I'm guessing a Gemini's blog is generally going to be 'stream-of-consciousness' writing.

    Anywoo, one of my hopes, one day, is that a literary agent or editor won't tell me to lose half my manuscript's characters. I don't have a lot. (Like Diana Gabaldon 'Outlander' series a lot) And all my characters serve their purpose. I know a writer is supposed to introduce each new character in a way that doesna overwhelm the reader. I've read some books where the author threw too many at me at once, and I'd get lost in who was who. 

    The fun part of writing can be from using one's own personal experiences. The saying: "Truth is stranger than fiction" can make for interesting 'memories' for my fictional characters. I know one day my lil' bros. will read what I've written, and think: "Oh my gawd! I remember when that happened!" It'll all be put in a fictional tale, (as I don't really favor my own non-fic memoir writing; you get too many things wrong, and also, some memories are best left buried) but some of the actions or scenes will be recognized, and laughed over. :)

     Okie-day, I've had a look at the time--the road-trip will be starting soon, and I need to go. I won't be posting until next week, so I pray that I'll still manage to keep your interest.

     Ooh! I just remembered one of the key-factors in writing: CONFLICT!! I guarantee there'll be plenty of it for me, the next several days. Be sure to watch the national news during that time. First person to see my mugshot on the screen, in a story about murder, gets a bottle of Jack Daniels from me!!

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