Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Free of fleas & ticks!

     Apparently, to get attention, or gather readers to one's blog, one has to truly be interesting. Or, maybe even behave in a less than decorous manner. I know it certainly worked for Snooki and Amanda Bynes. After all, everyone loves a hot mess.

     But, I don't buy into that, completely. Someone once told me, "You are what you follow online." If that's true, then I'm an intransigent, and yet sometimes flexible, Twi-hard. ;)

     I'm devouring the fourth book in the 'Archie/Gretchen' series by Chelsea Cain. SPOILER ALERT: I just passed the part where 'Herald' journalist Susan Ward was talking to the skull at the morgue. ("I wrote about you.") That was right up my morbid-humor alley! Loved it! I love local writers, using local locale in their stories!

     I vaguely mentioned my hot-under-the-collar attitude on my Facebook newsfeed yesterday. I was a little pissed off at the one woman no child can ever feel truly justified being pissed off at. MOM. Or, as I call her, Mah. I only ever really get angry with her when she interferes with my cooking. I'm not a bad cook, really. And I KNOW she knows I can make a delish lemon cake.

     But every once in a while, she'll turn into Marie Barone. (Any 'ELR' fan will know of what I speak.) And for a Gemini, that doesn't fly; we go from funny-n-friendly, to angry-n-blistering in seconds flat when our tasks are interfered with.

     But Mothers & Daughters...we have our own understandings of one another, don't we? Even the Father & Son relationship could never unravel that mystery the female-sex possesses. ;) 

     Anywoo, it's been 24 hours since Mah and I had our mild cat-fight, and we're fine. Actually, it was fine long before we sat down to coffee and the newspaper. She alerted me to the fact that 'Robsten' are back together---in time for the series of junkets they'll need to do for BD Pt. 2. But I coulda told her that the morning Perez Hilton reported it. Sigh, the drama of Hollywood.

     Mah's friend, 'D' called the other day. Mah house-sits, and dog-sits D's adopted-and-retired service-dogs for her on occasion. And a single call gave me some more material for my writing.

     Apparently, the day after 'D' had bathed the dogs, she used the same shower. After she finished, it suddenly occurred to her that she had just used dog shampoo to wash her hair.

     Truth really is stranger than fiction, and it can make for interesting writing. ; )

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