Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Million Little Pages

     Tabloids/tabloid t.v. shows can have such fun bullshit to read/watch sometimes! For one, Ellen DeGeneres poked fun at the paparazzi on her show yesterday for taking pictures of she and Portia in matching outfits and calling it a 'fashion-showdown'. It was basically nothing, but tabloids always love to remove the 'no,' and turn it into a 'thing.' 

     The job-searching continues, but hopefully, I'm getting closer to resolving it. The [nameless] work-search facility I've been going to has been helping me figure out what I need to do to better my chances at employment. It looks like a handful of workshops are in my future. But then, I never met a workshop I didn't like. :)

     I'm almost finished consuming the fourth Chelsea Cain 'Archie/Gretchen' book. (I put it down for a short time while I read the Kathy Reichs book--the same autographed copy I sent to my SIL for her birthday) As soon as I finish the fifth 'A/G' book, I'll switch back to April Henry. Cain and Henry are proving to be my favorite local writers. I am a mild junkie for crime-novels. (And proud of it. I like reading about the bad guys getting what they deserve.)

     I love to read, but sometimes I'd feel bad that I wasn't reading the kinds of authors we're told by the more learned folks that we should be reading. So, with a little help from Wikipedia, I'd go and read the synopses of a well-known author's works; ones that either made a bestseller's list, or were listed as a 'prolific read'. It doesn't ruin the story for me, as it only goes into mild detail, leaving me enough room to decide if I'm interested in reading it.

     Now, I'll likely get some haters on this, but I've concluded that I'm no real fan of Graham Greene. I only like a few stories of Ursula K. Le Guin's, and William Faulkner has been a little difficult for me to analyze. (Can you tell I was my English Lit professor's favorite??)

     However, this doesn't mean that I won't ever read these authors. History has shown me that I likely will; I barely got through 'The Scarlet Letter', or 'Brave New World' in high school. But I picked them up again in my mid-30's, and liked them better, then.

     I'm also not a fan of non-fiction. I don't read 'bullshit memoirs', so you'll never spot James Frey on MY bookshelf. But there are exceptions; I'd like to get my hands on Rosalind Russell's autobiography, 'Life Is A Banquet'.

     In the meantime, here's your moment of Zen.

                      "So many books, so little time." ~ Frank Zappa

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