Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Politics of Writing

   Shall I touch on the possible changes in our future, in the next 48 hours? Or, should I leave it alone? Like we hear from the media, I, too, am saturated with the election news. Ever progressing, but still the same. Thank Cookies it's almost over. And, I'll either be very happy, or be really let down by the outcome. The race is so close. Both thoroughbreds are neck-n-neck at the finish line, and the gamblers, which are pretty much all of us, are going to feel it absolutely if we lose.

   Also, on a side-note, I did not put my ballot in one of those ballot boxes. I'd considered it, but instead mailed it via the U.S. Postal service. And, man, am I glad I did. In less than three weeks, I've heard news stories of voter application forms being thrown out by reps of the Republican party, and ballot boxes being filled in with Republican nominee names, by those the ballot doesn’t belong to.  

   It'd be a funny thing though; if Obama wins, despite all the lying, cheating, violating, and other scurrilous behavior we've been hearing about on the part of the Republican party, then I'll feel that he was meant to win.

   Then, I can breathe a sigh of relief, and go back to my more immediate concerns; attending a computer workshop. Namely, helping me navigate Excel. (After all, I've not had any need for using a spread-sheet)

   On writing: researching restraining orders has opened my eyes to the fact that there’s no such thing as one kind of restraining order.

   “Quoi?” you ask. Exactly.

   Upon hearing a cop or lawyer on T.V. say "restraining order," we all think, ‘Oh, that guy’s not allowed anywhere near that woman for the rest of his life.’

   Not entirely, mes amis.
 It’s a ‘blanket’ word—we get the gist of its meaning, but if you ever find yourself needing one, there’s very specific types of orders:

 * Emergency Protective Order

 * Temporary Restraining Order

 * Permanent Restraining Order

   And from those, there are branches of what type of order is needed:

Civil Harassment Orders

Workplace Violence Prevention Restraining Order

Juvenile Restraining Order

Stalking Protective Orders

Elder Abuse Protective Orders

Family Abuse Protective Orders

   I’ve looked at several websites, and there doesn’t seem to be a consistent theme as to whether there are two or three types of ‘orders’ to be applied for. And, as a writer, I thought I could just slap a restraining order on my protagonist’s evil enemy, and have done with it.

   However—and I’ve found this helpful—I’ve had to navigate specifically what constitutes successfully applying/arguing for an order. So, while it can alter one’s writing from what was thought to be known, it can also improve it.

   It just sucks that I can’t apply for a restraining order against the person who sent my laptop that damn virus. Sigh!

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