Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Tryptophan Will Get Ya...

Well, as you can tell, I took a long break from blogging. I no longer feel obligated to blog every few days, as I think that would tax your interest, were I to not come up with something original. IOW, I've figured out that not everyone wants to try and keep up with me. C'est la vie!

Moving on, Thanksgiving was great! But at the end of it, Mah's observation was surprising, as she seemed disappointed. "I spent almost two days cooking...and it took us less than an hour to sit and enjoy the meal." Ha, ha! She was enjoying getting a head-start on the process of cooking, making everything nearly 48 hours ahead of time. And, as there was only three of us at the table, we were 'thankful' that we didn't have everyone else’s 'out-of-town-nightmare-relatives' situation going on. Though, I can't think of anyone in our family that's like that...not even a 'Drunk Uncle'. We got to wear our sweatpants or stretchies, saving ourselves the familiar images of 'open-belt-zipper-down'. (Shudder!)

And, I am thankful for all that I have. A healthy and happy family. A warm, dry roof over my head, and a fridge with leftover turkey. I know others are having tougher times than I. The only 'tough' part that I can allow myself some despondency is my unemployment status.

The saying: "There's a lid for every pot," is set aside for people seeking relationships. I don't need a relationship, dagnabbit. I need work. So, I'd like to think this same quote could work for job-seekers keeping that hopeful spark. I have to hold out hope that there's a lid for my pot, somewhere. :)

I attended the Excel workshop, and got fairly comfortable with it. It'll still take some getting used to, but I won't give up. It's a step in the right direction.

I'm still working on the manuscript, naturally. And, I'm soooo glad we live in a time where the researching is waaaaay easier. Information at your fingertips! I have scenes in which one of my characters has plagiarism problems. (Cue melodramatic music here! Dunh-dunh-DUNH!)

Anywoo, here's to hoping that this time next year, I'll enjoy being one of the many nut-cases that parks themselves outside a big-box store, waiting for its doors to open, so I can spend hard-earned money on huge Black Friday sales.

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