Monday, December 31, 2012

Keep Calm And Carry On

Just 18 hours away from a new era, and this blogger’s only resolution is to become employed. I gave up the cliché’d resolutions long ago. Of course, it’s irrelevant to make a New Year’s resolution that never applies to one in the first place. I don't imbibe, snort, smoke, work-out, over-spend, over-charge, over-sleep, or make promises I can’t keep.

I’ve also not done a very good job of maintaining a usual blog output. Or have I? How can one justify a blog-entry, if little to nothing has changed. Am I then only attempting to fill a space out of boredom? I can’t imagine that makes for a very stimulating blog.

Being a Gemini, I’m not one to care what someone else’s expectations are for me. I’m only happiest if I please myself. Though, that’s not to say that I’d be happy while someone else is miserable. The old saying is true: ‘If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t no one happy.’

Anywoo, back to resolutions: I’ve spent six months doing the same thing; hoping for a relevant change. I’ll still hope, but try harder. In the meantime, I’ll keep up on the happiness part, which involves consuming mass quantities of reading, and doing lots of writing.

Not to turn Oprah on y’all, but what was your ‘favorite thing’ that happened this year? Mine was the opening ceremonies of the London Olympics. I’ve glanced up to notice an occasional blurb happening on my T.V. screen during past Olympics—brain-dead and disinterested. I’ll even admit to not paying attention, when London initially got the vote for the 2012 Games.

However, this has been a banner year for England; William & Kate celebrating their first year of marriage, a baby on the way, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, a new James Bond film, and the 50th anniversary of Bond, The Beatles, and the Stones.

Makes the Union Jack flag hanging in my loo seem relevant. ;)

Happy New Year!

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  1. Ya, the opening ceremonies of the London Olympics were pretty cool, Jenn!