Thursday, August 8, 2013


It’s been suggested to me—by those left unidentified—that Geminis are haywire, peculiar, eccentric, unconventional, wacky, pluralists, half-cracked, odd, birdy...basically everything under the ‘flaky’ category in my thesaurus.

I’ll concede to mild eccentricity for some. Unconventional, however, is my favorite word. I AM unconventional.

Another favorite word is progressive. Geminis are a progressive sort. Need more? How about dynamic, modern, tolerant, lenient, enlightened, advancing, revolutionary, enterprising, broad-minded, moving, flowing, effective, alive....

‘Alright, already! We get it!’ you’re likely thinking. Hey, cut me some slack. I’m a writer. Dictionaries and Thesauruses are my two BFF's in the whole world. (But don’t tell my bestie, Mai, that!)

The reason ‘progress’ is at the forefront of my gray matter, is because I now feel (medically) recovered enough to try and crash through that invisible ceiling that feels like a hiring-freeze. If you’ve read my old blog entries, you’ll remember that I patronized an (unnamed) employment-help facility.

Well, it’s been almost a year, and despite the number of workshops and hiring events that I’ve attended, I can’t help feeling like I’ve been hitting my head against an immovable wall. And it seems they’re not one to promote many resources outside of themselves. IOW, if they can’t help you, then it’s YOUR problem.

So, progressive-thinker that I am, I’m ‘taking my business elsewhere.’ In a sense, anyway. I attended an orientation yesterday for optional employment service opportunities. I find it difficult to do anything while ‘keeping fingers crossed’, so I’ll simply think ‘cautious optimism’, and leave it at that.

Maybe I’ll get lucky and someone there will see my unconventionalism as a plus, and steer me towards a writing job in which I can sit around a boardroom table most of the day, drinking Starbucks, and offering eccentric ideas as to what a literary magazine cover should look like, and what kind of content should be involved.

An extra plus would be a roomful of Geminis, chanting our mantra: Embrace Pluralism.

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