Saturday, September 6, 2014

A Childfree Parent

Metaphorically speaking, I have one kid.

Like any parent, I know where my kid is at ALL times. I make sure she's looked after, treated well, take care of her when she's sick or needs help, clean her when she's dirty, talk to her, put her to bed at night, wake her up in the morning, don't let others use, abuse, or touch her inappropriately, (and if they do I get VERY angry!) dress her in different outfits, leave her 'reminder' Post-Its, work with her on homework, and carry her when we go places. (Though she's a little heavy)

Sometimes I'll take her with me to the library. We draw and paint, we read, watch movies, or listen to music together. We ask questions of each other, and expect answers. Every once in a while she's stubborn, and makes me wait for her to do things I directed her to do. She's too grown up for a baby-sitter, so I just let her hang out peacefully at home when I go out. (And lock the door behind me!) 

She rarely gets into trouble, and, surprisingly, never sasses me. She's great about giving me my mail, and lets me know when I have messages. She tends to correct my spelling, but never judges me. 

When others tell me she's not exactly hip or cool, make fun of her to her face, or snidely comment that she has a weight problem, she never gets sad, because she knows she's exactly what I always wanted; that I'll never give her away, and that she's very important to me.

And one day, when she's far too ill for me to help her, and passes away, I'll donate her organs so that other kids will have a brighter future.

I call her 'Della'.

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