Friday, October 3, 2014

An Ode to Academia

I have two, precocious, young nieces,
Who say things that leave me in pieces!
They remind me of early Coca and Burnett,
Causing many a snerk, a guffaw, and yet,
Each can be thoughtful, and full of creativity,
before they’re back to boundless energy.

They love chasing their chickens,
And playing with their dogs and cats,
managing to do it, while wearing minion hats.
They just started school, and sport uniforms,
But it’ll be years before they’re judging dorms.

After all, the youngest is just entering school,
And she’ll have to decide if it’s cool.
While the eldest struts her stuff into her fifth year,
Back-pack on her shoulders with all of her gear.

And, at last, Mom & Dad can breathe a little easier;
summer vacay is over, and the girls go to bed sooner.

Their rooster, Fat Amos, will wake them
each morn before the sun even pops up.
Unless it’s the neighbors first with,
“Shut the fuck up!!”

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