Thursday, June 18, 2015

Understanding Us Doesn't Come Easy...

...don't slow or dumb down, so try to keep up.
...often find themselves deeply involved into their own minds that they forget about the world.
...nature isn’t to be angry and aggressive. If they are towards you, chances are you gave them reason to be.
...traits: mental brilliance, diplomacy, vivacity, enthusiasm, tact, discreet, witty, versatile, prevaricate, indecisive and untidy.
...think imitation is the sincerest form of unoriginality.
...tend to manage their emotions a little better as they get older.
...cannot be tamed. Any effort is a wasted one!
...are undoubtedly talented in being able to go with "the flow of life."
...are sometimes torn between logic and their emotions.
...women will share just about anything with their loved ones.
...women are enthusiastic to the point of impatience.
...are fussy with the company they keep. They don't like to be surrounded by negative vibes.

...are imaginative, generous, and affectionate, but their frequent desire for change can make them unsatisfied with the current.                 
...are not obsessive lovers. They love and let live, and never wallow.
...are happy living for the moment. There is no time like the present.
...are talkative but selective with the conversation.
...can build you up from nothing or cut you down from everything; they will treat you like a priority, until you treat them like an option.
...favor intellect over looks. The more complex the mind, the better.
...can change their mind about anything, and won't blink an eye. Nor do they have remorse about it.
...make haste in exposing what's real from what's fake. Be warned, they will say what needs to be said.

...will make chase of you, if they really like you. But, only once.
...will accept nothing less than love, trust, and communication.
...try to be brutally honest in the kindest ways possible.
...suppress a lot of deep emotion. They are picky with what people should know about them.
...know they cannot always rely on people.         
...are always cautious of making any commitments.
...will not budge, if they don’t feel like doing something.
...don't like it when people beat around the bush; just get straight to the point if you have something to say.
...women often hide strong feelings until they know their partner is genuine and sincere. not take disappointment lightly. If you are not going to follow through with what you say you will, keep your mouth shut.
...aren't nosey. They are just curious and love to seek answers.
...will do their own thing regardless of what others think.
...has a hunger and thirst for knowledge and information, so if you can teach them something, you will be held in high regard. the most difficult to understand. Their attitude can be hot and cold almost at the same time.
...will often give you the silent treatment, just so you can think long and hard about what you've done.

...will not allow anyone to take advantage of them in any given situation, no matter how close you may be.
...hate asking for favors or help, they pride themselves on being independent.
...can go from cuddly, caring and loving to quiet, cold and detached in seconds.   

And finally...NEVER EVER attempt to 'clip their wings.' You may just find 
yours broken.

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