Monday, November 30, 2015

Damage Counseling Integration

     I like to sit in my office and fish. I don’t always catch something, but when I do, I get cheers.

     I could go all day and not catch a thing. But that’s just the way it works sometimes.

     And fish hate to admit that they’ll get caught sometimes. They may dodge that hook for a while, but eventually, another in hip-waders will catch’em.

     I’ll attempt to make the bait as attractive as possible—I’ll spike a nice, fat worm on the line, so the occasion is less severe. 

     I’ve never caught a whale; they’re just too big, sometimes. But I’ve caught Golden Trout, a Striped Marlin, an Alligator Gar, a Bowfin, and a Largemouth Bass. 

     The upside is that I can tack on fishing to my résumé’s ‘Skills & Qualifications’ listing. Who knew? And, my most unusual day of fishing was when I fished for a fish that was already fishing. 

     You’re scratching your head, right?

     My fish was in a boat in a Louisiana swamp, but still within cell service, when he responded to my ploink. It was also the reason he bypassed my lure.

     But I do hope to catch that whale, someday. 

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