Saturday, February 13, 2016

Five Senses

Looks like a person sitting at a bus stop.

Feels like a room full of people that don’t talk to you.                       
Tastes like a cold dinner.
Sounds like a T.V. playing in the background of an empty room.
Smells like the air, just before it rains.

Looks like the grinning, five-year-old niece, who’s been looking out the window, waiting for your car to drive up.
Feels like getting your homework-paper returned, with an ‘A’ on it.
Tastes like Godiva’s white-chocolate-raspberry ice cream.
Sounds like your favorite basketball team making the winning point at the buzzer.
Smells like the kitchen of the little old lady who bakes, whom you’ve lived next door to since you were three years old.

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