Friday, August 5, 2016

Time - Ideas = %$&@#!!

Some Xmas gifts probably shouldn't be ignored...especially by a writer with writers block.

Has any writer described a block as mental constipation? I'll have to research that. In the pro tempore, the omitted Xmas gift has recently been ink-assaulted with mymories that others likely choose to forget. With bleach and a match, no less.

(And yes, I researched that word, and no one's using it yet, supposedly)

My under-appreciated lil' bro and smart-as-sin SIL gave me this (pictured) book. They didn't have to second-guess its purchase when they were looking for writer-inspired paraphernalia. I'm just not proud that it took me a shameful amount of time to write anything in it. Even its contributors unknowingly instill a reprehensible sense of inertia in me.

Nevertheless, it's helping better than milk-of-magnesia. 

"...I mean, there is actual butter coming out of my pen." ~ 'The Paper'

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